About NZ Classics

vd 35c7e40e6fa945e8800d2a5acHi all! I'm starting the www.nzclassics.com site as a free resource to the NZ classic, vintage & hotrod car community!

This will be New Zealand’s newest online resource for all things related to vintage cars, classic cars, customs, ratrods and hotrods! We’re here to help you!

Vids, Pics, profiles, personal pages, search, trade services, clubs, events and more!

This is a free resource I started just to give back to the community and help people easily find what they need for vintage cars, classics, hotrods, ratrods, customs cars and much more!

It was born from frustration after finding it hard to connect with people, find info, learn about car tips and numerous other probs related to a fragmented market. I thought I'd try to simplify things a bit and make a simple easy resource for all us that love our classics!

It's just a weekend project for now but will be stoked to see it help people! Please be patient, I'll get it live pretty soon then phase the rollouts and updates listening to feedback from everyone we we can design this together over time!

Share away!



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