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How to Restore a Classic Car Steering Wheel - Auto Restoration & Repair Tutorial

Posted by: NZ Classics Content | 3 years ago
Steering Wheel Restore Tutorial.Watch as we demonstrate how to mold and cast a new steering wheel for a 1935 Cadillac. Sourcing a steering wheel for this classic had proven to be challenging, so we were able to make a mold from a wheel that had the grip area repaired. This allowed us to insert a new frame and over-mold it with new resin from Alumilite. Alumilite products used in this video include:

Plat 55 Silicone Mold Making Silicone

Alumilite Alumi-Res Resin

Black Dye

Alumilite Synthetic Clay

Alumilite Clay Tools

Alumilite UMR Release Agent

Alumilite Corrugated Plastic Strips

Excel Knife
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