About NZClassics

Hi all! I started the www.nzclassics.com Facebook groups as a free, well moderated  resource to the NZ classic, vintage & hotrod car community!, 

I hope to make New Zealand’s cleanest bunch of groups for all things related to vintage cars, classic cars, customs, ratrods, hotrods, car parts and old tools! We’re here to help you! 

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These groups are a free resource I started just to give back to the community and help people easily find what they need (or sell what they have) for vintage cars, classics, hotrods, ratrods, customs cars and much more!

It was born from frustration after finding many Facebook groups fragmented, unfocused or too niche. I thought I'd try to simplify things a bit and make a number of easy to understand groups for all us that love our classics!

I'll be stoked to see these groups help people! Please be patient with my moderation, I'll do the best I can. In addition, there will be an NZClassics Instagram feed to share pics from the shows I visit. 

My other side hobby business Messedupmotors.com sponsors NZClassics, any costs and merch etc. Messed Up Motors is just me in the workshop mucking around with cool projects. I sell some swag to pay for the hobby so please go buy a shirt or hat!

If you see me in the grey 'Messed Up Motors' Ford F1 pickup, come say hi!

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