There are a number of slightly different ways people describe or judge these terms. These are generally the most common categories. It does vary online but hey this is a start...

  • Vintage Cars
    Vintage cars are built between 1919 and 1930. The term is often used to describe any car made before World War II. There can also be an overlap between vintage and antique cars.
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  • Antique Cars
    Antique cars are vehicles over 45 years old. Usually these cars are kept or restored to an original state.
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  • Classic Cars
    These are cars and trucks over 25 years old and less than 50 years old. In general it is typically a  car that is no longer in production and still popular.

  • Hot Rods
    This is defined as a classic, vintage or antique car or truck that's been modified for looks and performance, usually repowered.
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  • Pickups / Trucks
    My favourite category, pickups and trucks! Good old workhorses! Simple!
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  • Buckets
    These are often used for true and replica t-buckets and similar styled vehicles.
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  • Rat Rods
    Rusty, bare metal, hanging together, build with scrap and old mismatched parts. Mostly not street legal, home builds and high performance dodgy rods. 
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  • Old Racers
    These are often beach and track race cars and trucks, mostly dedicated racers and older vehicles. 

  • Custom / Concept Cars
    These are more highly customized cars and trucks, not just hotrods. Often used to describe really unusual and impressive vehicles.
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  • Kitset Cars
    As it says, these are hobby cars, kitsets, homebuilds etc.

How does NZClassics sort groups?

Obviously that would be a lot of groups and categories to manage, but it would also make it harder to find cool rides, so I've simplified the categories.

  • Classic Cars For Sale NZ
    Roughly from 1950-1990 with exceptions for interesting cars.

  • Hotrods For Sale NZ
    Anything earlier than 1990 with customization, big power or unique mods.

  • Vintage Cars For Sale NZ
    From about 1950 back to the beginning of cars. 

  • Ratrods For Sale NZ
    Rough, home builds and ratty looking, solid patina rides. Usually older cars with stupid motors ;-)

  • Car Shows NZ
    Any shows in NZ I come across that are car or swapmeet related.

  • Classic Parts For Sale NZ
    Used parts or new only if unique or for old vehicles (accepted by discretion).

  • Old Tools For Sale NZ
    Old tools from your shed, small or large that are related to or belong in a car person's workshop.

  • Car Clubs NZ
    Pics of your club, their gatherings etc.

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